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How to Configure BSNL Type II ADSL 2 + CPE/IAD Modem(Teracom) in Windows 7

Bsnl Type II modem Internet Configuration :

Step 1 : Set up connections as stated in the Quick Start Guide.

Step 2 : Now login to your Modem

Type on the address bar of your web browser IE/Firefox and press enter. Now on the login window type the following details.

User Name: admin
Password : admin

Now press enter.
Step 3 : Click on Configuration Tab on the left side of the menu
Click Internet connection,then Internet configuration page will be shown on the right side.

Step 4 : Now check for PPPoE and RFC2684-Bridged connections.If they are already in the configuration page select all and delete.

Step 5 : Now click ADD > button to create a new connection.

Step 6 : First set up PPPoE connection by selecting PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE),Encapsulated Type as LLC/SNAP.

Input PVC name as pppoe

VPI = 0 (default)
VCI = 38 (default)   Click NEXT > button.

Input Broadband User name and Password. It's the PPP user name and Password which got from local ISP. Please don't input anything in the Service name leave it as blank unless local ISP ask to do.

  Click NEXT > button.

If the ppp user name and password is changed later then click on CONNECT >> link on the Internet Connection Configuration Page to input NEW User name and Password.

Step 7 : Now create another connection same as above by Click ADD > button ,but here we have to select the protocol as BRIDGED and Encapsulated Type as LLC/SNAP,then click NEXT > button.

Input PVC name (such as br_wan )

VPI = 0 (default)
VCI = 38 (default) change this VCI Number to 35 VCI = 35.

Click NEXT > button and Click APPLY > button to take effect.

 Step 8 : After finishing the Internet configuration we have to REBOOT the modem for that Click on the ADMIN Tab which is on the left side of the Modem Menu.

Click > Reboot > select LAST and Click Reboot Button and wait for 1 minute.

Step 9 : Open Network Connections on the Windows System. Click Create a new Connection to create a PPP dialog.Select the following Sequence :

Connect to the Internet > Set up new connection manually > Connect using a Broadband connection that requires a User name and Password.

Then Input the PPP user name and password which got from the local ISP(Internet Service Provider).